Dental splinting

Adult teeth can sometimes become loose due to disease or injury. Sometimes grinding or clenching your teeth excessively can also cause loose teeth.

The ideal treatment for loose teeth is splinting. Dental splinting attaches weak teeth together and turns them into a single unit that is stronger and more stable than the single teeth by themselves. Splinting is commonly performed to the front teeth and is a popular procedure that is safe, effective and has long-lasting results.

Loose teeth that occur as a result of advanced periodontal disease can cause pain. One benefit of undergoing splint treatment is that tightening the teeth can alleviate pain from loose teeth.

During the treatment, the teeth are joined together using a thin fibre reinforced wire. This wire is bonded to the surface of the tooth using a composite material, which acts as a splint. To find out more about dental splints, call Goulburn Dental Care today on (02) 4821 2531.